Xbox Two: Update on Microsoft’s Next Console

News about the latest on the upcoming Xbox One successor, Xbox Two, was released this week and the news may not be pleasing for PlayStation fans. Xbox Two, to be named as Xbox Scarlett, is expected to be revealed by Microsoft during the E3 2019 conference in June.

It is reported that Sony is going to be a no-show at the conference, which means that Xbox has a chance to go all out with their plans for the next generation. The Xbox Two, Microsoft’s plans for Halo Infinite and games streaming are all expected to be shown during a blockbuster E3 presentation.

Ahead of the upcoming big conference, new details could emerge about the most awaited Xbox One successor. As reported by Esquire, sources have revealed details about Xbox Scarlett, Microsoft’s next-gen console. The successor to the Xbox One will be more advanced than the PS5, Ainsley Bowden said, a gaming journalist who posted on Twitter, “multiple insiders have now confirmed it’s true Xbox ‘Anaconda’ will be more advanced.”

When asked where the information came from, he added “Not my sources. Rather, known sources for [MicroSoft]/Xbox info that are very reliable and have been accurate for years on leaks. Keep in mind, it shouldn’t be surprising. It was already announced last year by MS directly that they would have the most powerful hardware again next-gen.”

Although it is yet to be revealed what specs the Xbox Two has, the details announced about the PS5 so far indicated that it will definitely be a powerhouse.

PlayStation architect Mark Cerny has revealed that the PS5 will be able to support 8K and be the first console to boast ray tracing visuals. The Xbox made sure that they were not left behind when it comes to the power of this generation, although they did not state how beefy the console it, they did state that it will have a massive selection of exclusive games.

Microsoft bought a number of studios such as Ninja Theory and Obsidian just to make it happen. The Xbox Two is said to be ready to harness the power of the Project xCloud games, an in-development game streaming service.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer recently revealed that Project xCloud is set to launch in public trials later this year It also passed the assessment of being ready to be tested at home, and it was done by the development team.

Spencer recently tweeted: “Congrats to Project xCloud team for completing their take-home release. Excited to get feedback from our internal teams ahead of public trials later this year.”